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Frequently Asked Questions

1)    Is the Shredneck an instrument?
No, the Shredneck is not an instrument, it is a practice and warm-up tool that is designed to be used whenever a guitar is not available or convinent.

2)    Should I practice on the Shredneck instead of my guitar?
Whenever possible you should always practice on your guitar (we do).  We designed the Shredneck so that it can be used in situations when you can not play your guitar, in a car, bus, train, plane, subway, at school, at work, when travelling, on the way to gigs, etc.

3)    Can you tune the Shredneck?
The Shredneck has tuning machines, however, they are not used to “tune” the Shredneck.  The tuning machines are designed to hold the strings and make tension adjustments.

4)    I can’t hear the notes or chords I’m playing.
This is normal, the Shredneck will make “pings” and you will hear notes.  It will sound similar to an unplugged electric guitar, but since it is not an instrument you won’t hear it in tune.

5)    Can the Shredneck be converted for left handed players?
Yes, the Shredneck is designed with fret position markers on both sides of the fingerboard.  Simply remove the strings and turn around both nuts and reverse the strings.  Sometimes the nut can be in the slot a little tight.  It may require the use of plyers.  If so, do this carefully so that you do not break or damage the nut or fingerboard.  If you damage the nut, we can easily send you out a replacement.  If you order directly from our site and you let us know in advance when you are order we can convert the Shredneck to left handed for you.

6)    What strings should I use on the Shredneck?
You can use any strings that you like.  Jimi Bell has been using GHS Strings his entire life and we recommend GHS.  Any gauges or styles can be used on any models.  We have smaller sized replacement bass strings specifically made for Shredneck Bass Models.  Check our Shredneckstore for details on how to order those.

7)    Can I “pick” on the Shredneck?
Yes, simply pick between the 7th fret and the nut.  It is not exactly like picking over the pickups on a regular guitar, but it is close.  The Classneck and Bassnecks have fingerpicking routes for this purpose.

8)    Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world.   This rate is posted on our webstore when making a purchase.

9)    Will you post pictures on your webpage or myspace site of me using my Shredneck?
Yes, if you would like and give us your approval, we would love to put up some photos of you using Shrednecks in unusual and exotic locations.

10)    Do you offer endorsement deals?
Yes, in certain cases.  If you are an international artist and looking for support, please contact us.

11)    I’m a guitar teacher, do you offer any special programs that will allow me to obtain Shrednecks for my students?
Yes, please contact us directly for more information.

12)    I own a store and am interested in selling Shredneck products.
Yes, we offer dealer programs.  Please contact us directly.

13) I live outside of the USA, can I still order?

Yes, you can.  Payment must be made by PayPal if you are not in the USA or Canada. If you live outside the USA/Canada, do not try to use your credit card as this may cause a hold on funds until your credit card company releases them.  Please note that if you do try to use a credit card, we will not receive the funds.  Your credit card my hold the funds, but note that we will not have received the funds.  In most cases your credit card company will release the hold on the funds within a matter of days.

14)   If I live in the USA or Canada can I pay by credit card?

If you live in the USA or Canada, you should be able to pay by credit card or PayPal.

What is the SHREDNECK (TM)?

The SHREDNECK (Patent) is the ultimate practice and warm-up tool for guitar players. When it is not convenient to play guitar, or if a guitar is not available, or if you are traveling, on the way to a gig, hanging out or just watching TV, you can still practice and develop your playing skills.

The SHREDNECK is designed to play and feel like the first 7 Frets of a guitar. The tuning machines used to adjust the string tension to accommodate different playing styles and situations (they are not used to tune the SHREDNECK). The fret spacing and neck width are modeled after the first seven frets of a standard electric guitar (or on the DREADNECK model the first 7 frets of an acoustic guitar).

You can work on lightning fast runs, finger movements, chords, percussive elements or simply warm up your hands in anticipation of playing guitar. Unlike hand exercisers which generally have been designed for therapeutic reasons (not to help improve your guitar playing skills) the SHREDNECK has been specifically designed to help you warm-up for gigs, develop your playing skills and maintain and build calluses.

The SHREDNECK/DREADNECK models are ideal for student use by guitar teachers and in schools when having a full size instrument is not convenient.

What can the SHREDNECK do for you?

The SHREDNECK will help you develop your playing skills, particularly your fingering and playing speed. Since the SHREDNECK uses real strings and frets, you will also develop calluses needed for playing. The SHREDNECK is also an ideal way to warm-up before playing or performing. You can also use the SHREDNECK to keep warmed-up between sets.

The SHREDNECK is not a hand exerciser; it is a practice and warm-up tool. We make no medical claims about this product or hand exercisers on the market as we are not doctors nor are we skilled in any way in any medical field. However, as life long guitar players we do feel the hand exercisers on the today’s music market were actually originally developed for therapeutic reasons, not to help guitar players improve their playing skills and dexterity. As a player you would want your hands and fingers to be limber and quick. Hand exercisers can build strength which we feel can actually slow you down and make it uncomfortable to play. The SHREDNECK is closest thing to playing guitar other than actually playing guitar!

Where and when to use the SHREDNECK.

The SHREDNECK can be used a many places where a guitar is not convenient. Take a break at the office, use it while watching TV, traveling on a plane or train or in a car, on the way to a gig, etc. etc.

How to use/play the SHREDNECK.



The SHREDNECK is designed so that the headstock is actually the “body and a headstock”. This is why we call it the “headstock/body”. The taper of the neck is designed so that it is wider at the point where the neck and the headstock/body meet than at the top where the string holes are located. When you are sitting, place the curved part of the headstock/body on your thigh (see photo 1). Now, the run scales, practice finger movements or finger chords on the neck with your fingering hand (if you are a right handed guitar player your fingering hand is your left).

Another way to hold the SHREDNECK:


With your picking hand hold the headstock/body and run scales and practice chords with your left hand (see photo 2). Innovative Tuner Tips are included with each SHREDNECK covering the ends of the strings on the headstock/body.

Practice Two Handed Tapping:


Place the headstock/body on your thigh as shown in Photo 3 to practice two handed tapping techniques.

The SHREDNECK is equipped with strap knobs so you can walk around with it. This is ideal for between sets at gigs, allowing you to leave the stage area to talk to fans, girls, collect the money for the gig, etc.….and still be able to run scales to keep your fingers warmed up so you are ready for the next set!

You can also practice picking techniques as well.

Here is the Shredneck Manual, click on the link below:

Shredneck Manual 2014

About Jimi Bell


Currently Guitarist in the band House of Lords. New CD is out!

Currently endorsed by GHS Strings, Rocktron Guitar Products, Ovation Guitars and Dean Guitars.

Session guitar player for WWE (Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment).

Dedicated commitment to music and guitar led to teaching throughout the years.

Offered and accepted a full endorsement from the Kramer guitar company. Performed clinics for the Seymour Duncan Company.

Toured with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Appeared and performed in the movie “Light of Day” starring Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett.

Performed at the NAMM music conventions for Kramer Guitars and Seymour Duncan Company along side with Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Beck, and other top guitarists.

Spotlighted in Guitar Player magazine.

Chosen as a finalist for Ozzy Osbourne’s lead guitar replacement.

Recorded and showcased in London with Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath.

Recorded with German-based band Thunderhead. CD was released by SPV label in Europe and Japan followed by a European tour with Metal Church.

Recorded CD with former lead vocalist of Metal Church / Reverend, David Wayne. Recorded and released CD with former lead vocalist for Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen, Mike Vescera. Released in Europe and Japan (2001).

Six time winner of the “Best Guitarist Award” in the Hartford Advocate magazine.

For years Jimi was searching for a way to warm-up on the way to and at gigs. The SHREDNECK is a compilation of years of research and trial and error into a proper warm-up and practice tool. Jimi says “the best thing about the SHREDNECK is that it has real strings. The tuners on the headstock/body are not to tune the SHREDNECK, they are to adjust the tension of the strings to accommodate different playing situations. I often adjust the tension of the strings to achieve different goals. Sometimes I have the strings tight to do lightning speed runs. Other times, I have the strings loose and then pull on the E and B strings to maintain calluses on my fingertips. The SHREDNECK has really helped me improve my speed and dexterity. But, what I really like is now I can play all the time!

SHREDNECK Single Stand

Model SS1 – fits both SHREDNECKS and DREADNECK models.


Shredneck TUNER TIPS. All SHREDNECKS/DREADNECKS come equipped with TUNER TIPS used to cover the string ends protruding from the tuning posts. TUNER TIPS can also be used on standard electric and acoustic guitars and are sold seperately in the package above.

The SHREDNECK is for left and right handed guitar players. Jimi Bell is a left handed guitar player, so we have designed the SHREDNECK to have side dot inlays on both sides of the fingerboard. SHREDNECKS are shipped strung up for right handed players, however, left handed players simply have to reverse the strings and carefully reverse the nuts. For more details on how to do this, simply give us a call.