We’re honored to introduce the Mike Orlando Signature SHREDNECK!


The Mike Orlando Signature model features a larger picking route, beautiful scroll work inlay on a rosewood fingerboard, black finish with  chrome hardware.   Tuner Tips and a GB1 gig bag are included.


The Mike Orlando Signature model features a larger picking route, beautiful scroll work inlay on a rosewood fingerboard, black finish with  chrome hardware.   Tuner Tips and a GB1 gig bag are included.

Mike Orlando is a guitarist/artist that fronts Mike Orlando’s Sonic Stomp instrumental band and has released his debut Instrumental CD Sonic Stomp, whose 12 tracks take the listener from raging over the top Extreme Rock Guitar playing with sheer finesse and lightening speed to beautiful ballads with great emotional feel and everything in between..to worldwide critical acclaim and will release Sonic Stomp II in October 2010. There are a number phenomenal guest artists featured on Sonic Stomp II which include:  Michael Romeo (Symphony X), Shane Gibson (Korn), Gary Hoey, Mike Pinella (Symphony X) and Joe Stump.  Sonic Stomp II features World Renowned Drummer Extraordinaire John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, TNT, James Labrie-Dream Theater, Tony Harnell, Ark..). Along with release of Sonic Stomp II, there will be a Sonic Stomp live performance DVD filmed & released in the end of 2010. It will include songs from the debut CD & the upcoming Sonic Stomp II, as well as many extras.

Also available at is Mike Orlando’s Sonic Stomp II CD:

Mike Orlando Sonic Stomp II CD

Mike Orlando’s Sonic Stomp I & recent release Sonic Stomp II is  also available starting in September 2010 on the world famous ROCKBAND Game!! All tracks from both Sonic Stomp CD’s will be available to purchase & play in the Online ROCKBAND Store!

In 2010 Mike Orlando started the process of forming the explosive new band Adrenaline Mob.  Adreanline Mob features Mike Orlando, Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) and Russell Allen World Renowned Vocalist Russell Allen.  Adrenaline Mob recently released their debut EP in September 2011 with the full CD due out early 2012.  The members of the band are currently finishing up other commitments and plan a full blown world tour in 2012.

Mike Orlando recently announced his other new band “TRED.”  Tred features Mike Orlando, Rudy Sarzo (Whitesnake, Blue Öyster Cult) A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister) and Tim “Ripper” Owens on vocals.  Orlando announced the news via his website, saying that his new lineup “will definitely have tons of energy, great playing and some kick-ass hard rock.”

Mike also plays with Symphony X front man/vocalist Russell Allen and their writing collaborations will be released on Russell’s 2010 solo album on Frontier Records. Mike is also a featured guitarist on Magna Carta’s February 10, 2009 release “Guitars That Ate My Brain”, which features 10 of some of metal’s premier guitarists.  Also in current production is” TRED” which features Chandler Mogel (Outloud) on Vocals & John Macaluso on Drums as well. The Debut CD is in full production as well.

Mike has most recently been featured in Guitar World DVD’s & also was selected as a Top Ten Finalist Worldwide for Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Superstar of the Year 2008 from thousands of passionate guitarists worldwide. Since being selected, he has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine several times and is very proud to be associated with Guitar Player Magazine.

Mike proudly endorses such companies as GHS Strings, Rocktron, Charvel/Jackson  products and Shredneck.  He is one of the featured artists on the GHS Strings and Rocktron sites and performs many of the Rocktron audio clips, including the Tri-Wah, Black Cat Moan, The Banshee Talkbox, Cyborg Delay, Cyborg Reverb, and most of the audio clips for Utopia G100, Utopia G200 & G300 Utopia 300 as well as the entire new line of Rocktron Boutique Pedals & Reaction Series Pedals!  Mike is also proud to endorse of the world famous acoustic Ovation Guitar Company.  Mike is very excited to have the honor of a Rocktron Signature Mike Orlando Wah Pedal and also a signature Shredneck!

Mike Orlando’s Sonic Stomp CD has held the number one slot in multiple categories on Guitar 9 records, as well as one the of the top sellers of the year in the following categories: overall heavy electric, hard rock and shred. Mike has also performed with Sonic Stomp at 4 previous NAMM shows and held signings for GHS and Rocktron. In January 2009 he performed daily at the Winter NAMM 2009 as done in the previous 3 years prior, for ZZYZX Snap Jack Cables, Eleca International and Shredneck, GHS Strings & Rocktron & had also performed at the Fender Custom Shop Party. He was also a featured performer at the Musikmesse 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany for ZZYZX Snap Jack Cables, GHS Strings , Rocktron, Shredneck and Eleca International.

Mike also performed at the 2009 Music China in Shanghai China in October 2009 for Rocktron Products & GHS Strings & Eleca International & again in October 2010. He performed at  MusikMesse in Frankfurt, Germany in March 2010!

Mike has  enjoyed a sold out 3 week Sonic Stomp Tour across China & Japan in May 2010 where he also filmed his first DVD feature for Young Guitar Magazine (Japan) which came out in July 2010.

Mike also owns his own recording studio, Sonic Stomp Studios, where he handles everything from engineering to mixing, to producing and mastering. All this can be heard on his debut CD, Sonic Stomp and the soon to be released Sonic Stomp II.