Ever want a tattoo but your life style wouldn’t allow it?  How cool would it be to have a tattoo while riding your motorcycle or playing with your band, or even to wear to work?  Very COOL is the answer!  Now you can with Shredneck’s new TATTOO SLEEVES.  Made of 92% Nylon and 8% spandex Shredneck TATTOO SLEEVES slide on and form fit to your arm. The design blends into your natural skin color for a “real” tattoo look.  Surprise everyone and show off your new tat!

Steve 2 Ovation 2 Playing Bulls eye Reglious Sleeves 4 Ovation 1 Clean the floor Blowin Snow Mermaid Sleeve TS35 and TS44 Sleeves together TS44 Skulls Close-up 2 Playing Tele Motorcycle 1

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