We are proud to introduce the Shredneck TremBlock, Floating Tremolo String Changing Tool.

The SHREDNECK TremBlock is designed to hold your floating tremolo system “up” in a fixed position to allow for easier string changing.  To use simply raise the tremolo and insert the TremBlock under the bridge as shown in this photo:

Changing strings on your floating tremolo system can be tedious and difficult.  Not with the new Shredneck TremBlock string changing tool!  When you are ready to change your strings, simply push the wammy bar down and insert the Shredneck TremBlock under the bridge.  The soft pad under the TremBlock rests on the guitar top allowing you easy access to the string locking hex screws on many floating bridge systems.  Simply replace the strings one at a time or all at once (quick tip, as long as you have all of the strings off, clean your fingerboard).   Tune up close to pitch and then remove the TremBlock.  The TremBlock will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to change strings on your floating tremolo system:

TremBlock Only Left Side copy copy TremBlock Only Right Side copy TremBlock On 7-String copy TremBlock Featured Photo copy



Review of the TremBlock: