We’re honored to introduce the Akira Takasaki signature model Shredneck!

Akira is the legendary, world renowned (by fans and his peers, including Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, Zakk Wylde, Gary Moore and others) lead guitarist of the perennial metal band Loudness.

This new Akira Takasaki is a fully authorized reproduction of Akira’s well-known Japanese Rising Sun guitars.  It features chrome hardware and the rising sun graphic in red over a classic white paint.   This is a SPEED MACHINE ready for shred!

The Akira Takasaki Shredneck also features a “picking route” between the 7th fret and nut, and comes with a bag of Shredneck’s Tuner Tips and a gig bag.

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Photo 2010 Akira Takasaki/Loudness/Shredneck.   Click to enlarge.